Board Member, Administrative and Commercial Director @ Ipeker Tekstil

İhsan İpeker was born in Bursa in 1977. Having completed his primary education at the
Private İnal Ertekin School and his secondary education at the Private İhsan Çizakça School,
İpeker graduated from California State University, San Bernardino in 2000 with a double
degree from the Department of Business and International Marketing with a double major
(Advertising and IT Information Systems).
İhsan İpeker joined İpeker in 2000 and has been playing an active role for more than 20
years. In addition to holding the titles of İpeker Board Member, Administrative and
Commercial Director, he is today the İpeker Stakeholder Management Leader and Chairman
of the Sustainability Committee. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Olivia Rosso.
Stakeholder Management Leadership In addition to the Board of Directors, Customers,
Suppliers, Employees, Regulators; includes developing sustainable relationships with the
media, trade associations, NGOs and Competitors.
Relationships with non-governmental organizations and trade unions are as follows:

URTEB Vice President, BoSİAD Supervisory Board Member, Member of Uludağ Textile
Exporters' Association Board of Directors, Bosen Former Deputy Chairman of the Board of
Directors and, BOSB Former Board Member, He is a member of TUGIAD.
Believing that competition reveals the potential to create difference and awareness based
on experience, İpeker thinks that ethical competition creates excellence in company
character, understanding and service.