Romain NARCY


Romain Narcy obtained his degree in Business Administration from Reims Business School
in 1997. He completed more than 20 years in his professional career and over 15 years he
has been actively working in denim manufacturing industry. He has substantial managerial
experience in all aspects of denim, starting from fabric to production planning, from
merchandising to production and delivery. Along with his role in business development, he
took an active role in investments and establishment of the company, EREKS-Blue Matters.
Starting from the idea, he managed all operations for establishment of Smart Factory in
Corlu, which envisages the maximization of digitalization in the creative and production
processes, changing from order-based production model to on-demand production model.
Over the course of his professional career in denim manufacturing field, he has successfully
completed several innovative research projects on sustainability, eco wash, recycled fabrics
in collaboration with leading customers and brands in the denim industry. Next Step is to

become a fully circular producer before 2030 by involving different stakeholders and
influencing entire textile supply chain.